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Knightley denies anorexia rumors

Atonement star Keira Knightley  denies rumors that the actress was suffering from anorexia and it was told that she revealed to the press that her family members have fallen victim to this eating disorder but strongly claims that she was not anorexic.

It was during a press conference at the Claridge’s Hotel in London where she explained that “They said to me ‘How does it feel to be called anorexic?’ and I had no idea that I was. I can safely say that I’m not,”

It was that sudden change in her figure that brought the media’s attention and the public eye as well where they commented on how skinny and waif-looking Knightley has been over some period of time since she started her acting career almost six years ago.

“In a way it’s good that it’s out there and people are talking about it. It’s quite interesting because it’s normally high-achieving women who suffer from it because I guess they are control freaks.”

“I’m not saying there aren’t people in the film industry that suffer from it, because I am sure that there are, but I am not one of them.”


Keira’s ring refusal from Rupert

It’s love on the rocks for celebrity couple Keira Knightley and her boyfriend Rupert Friend after the actress refused to wear an antique ring the actor bought for her.

Rupert gave an antique white gold ring to Keira as his symbol of love for the Atonement star but was left hurting after the actress made the decision to wear instead expensive Chanel jewellery.

A source close to the couple told that Rupert bought the ring at a considerable expense to express his love for Keira and it wasn’t an engagement ring or something.

But since Keira was endorsing Chanel, she had been wearing the expensive jewellery line on a regular basis and wore one of its rings instead of Rupert’s antique white gold ring.

Rupert and Keira are said to be working on their relationship and keep it back on track after this incident.


Keira and Rupert splurges in buying new love nest

British actress Keira Knightley and actor boyfriend Rupert Friend were reported to have bought a BP2 million home together. Knightley hopes that buying themselves a love nest would strengthen the couple’s relationship after their busy schedules have kept them apart recently.

Rumors have been circulating that the Atonement star is worried about Rupert’s special friendship with his co-star Sophia Myles in the movie Buddha’s Little Finger. A close friend of the couple mentioned that the two have been arguing about Rupert’s workload and how little time they spent together.

The actress was getting a bit concerned over her relationship with Rupert and it might just drift away aside from the fact that he was getting too close to Sophia and buying this posh love nest in Germany would keep them together.

The couple is said to have contributed BP1 million to buy their dream house.